Nicamaka Distributors is dedicated to assisting aid organizations helping developing nations combat mosquito borne diseases. Nicamaka works with numerous aid agencies, churches, and health organizations providing mosquito nets and other disease prevention items.

The sites below are some of the humanitarian groups that provide low or no cost mosquito netting to those in need. Please click through if you wish to make a donation.



If your organization needs mosquito nets, please call us at 866-377-1224 with questions or for a free, no obligation quote. Nicamaka specializes in getting your group the net you need at the best price available. We ship internationally, and all quotes include delivery to the country specified.

Nicamaka can customize mosquito nets to fit any need, and can provide them LLIN or untreated.

For bulk orders on mosquito nets and mosquito netting, please call 866-377-1224 for more information.  

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