Colombian "SAN ANDREAS" Corolino Hammock - Bars Only

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The San Andreas Colombian Corolino fabric hammock is without borders and has short, shoulder-width spreader bars that allow it to be hung in low-attach, up-from-floor stands. The width of the spreader bar does not constrict the 60-inch width of the hammock. The San Andreas hammock (hamaca) is 12 feet in length, end to end, with a bed length of 7.5 feet and with a width of 5 feet.

The soft, cross-woven loomed fabric is hand finished with "Corolino" yarns, (a blend of wool and Orlon), and is one of the most beautiful and comfortable South American hammocks - hamacas. The San Andreas has a short, shoulder-length spreader-bar which is more stable when used in low-attach hammock stands - but of course is most comfortable when hung from higher attach points. This Colombian Hammock is a simple, yet beautiful reminder of the artistry of the South American Andean hammock culture.
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