Hammock Chair Basic Install Kit for Wood or Concrete

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Item Number: chairinkitba
Manufacturer: Nicamaka®
Manufacturer Part No: 1313


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A basic chair install kit with either: a 3/8" eye-lag-screw for wood, or a 0.305" machine-screw eye-bolt with a Hilti® concrete anchor, 2/0 link chain, and "S" hooks or quick-links for chair attachment.

For wood, find the overhead wooden structure, drill a 1/4" pilot hole and screw in the lag-screw eyebolt. Attach the chain and hooks to the chair eye or to the chair support frame.

For concrete, drill a small pilot hole and then a following 1/2" hole for the Hilti® concrete anchor, screw in the eyebolt to securely set the anchor. About half the eye-bolt threads will be visable when the anchor is solidly set - do not over tighten as it may break the eye-bolt.

Attach the chain and hooks to the chair eye or to the chair support. There is enough play in the chain links to allow some degree of rotation, but for complete spin we suggest the Chair Swivel Kit or for both rotation and cushioning, the Chair Spring/Swivel Kit (Swivels only available for wood structure installtion). See Related Products below.

Picture shows both the wood and concrete installation options. 


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