Mayan Sprang Weave

Mayan Civilization produced many things, and the Sprang-Woven Hammocks they designed were made so well, they are still popular today. Caribe Hammocks has continued the ancient Mayan tradition with upgraded techniques to take advantage of newer materials and methods.  We proudly offer two types of Mayan Hammocks from the Caribe Hammocks Company. 

The Mayan Nylon Sprang-Woven Rope (String) Hammock - featuring expansive fabrics with crossways stretch.

The Mayan Mexican Sprang-Weave Hammock - featuring intertwined Nylon cords laid between vertical posts - one of the world's oldest weaving techniques.
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MAYAN #6 Super-Sized Hammock
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MAYAN #6 Super-Sized Hammock
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