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NICAMAKA SPREADER BOLSTERS  The original Nicamaka spreader bolster was a 5" x 32" flame-retardant foam cylinder covered with a drawstring cover. This bolster worked well for hammock display, but was uncomfortable as a pillow.  Nicamaka® has now developed a new 5" x 32" bolster with a fiberfill core, shorter than the foam-core bolster. Because of its fiberfill core the redesign is softer, less bouncy and stiff, and therefore functions more like a comfortable pillow.

Bolsters add a decorative flair, accentuating the beautiful yarns and patterns of the Nicamaka® hammock.
Use the spreader bolster at one end with a pillow, or put the pillow and bolster at opposite ends for a great hammock look. 

Some folks prefer only pillows, others only bolsters, so these items are also available separately.

Available in a variety of colors and patterns.

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